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Rhode Island Fee Increase - January 1, 2024

Rhode Island Recycling Fee Will Increase on January 1, 2024

In accordance with Rhode Island General Law 23-90, the Rhode Island mattress recycling fee will increase from $16 to $20.50 per unit for all mattresses and foundations sold in Rhode Island on and after January 1, 2024. The fee is a flat per unit rate that applies to all sizes of mattresses and foundations. The fee is subject to sales tax. Please update your records accordingly.

All entities that sell mattresses to end users, including (but not limited to) brick-and-mortar retailers, online sellers and companies that sell mattresses to commercial volume end users like hotels, hospitality facilities, boarding schools, colleges and universities, nursing homes, medical facilities, etc. are required to collect the per unit fee.

The recycling fee MUST appear as a separate line item on all receipts for a mattress or foundation, followed by the fee amount, whether sold in-store or online as required by state law. The full fee amount must be remitted to the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) through

Sales reported for the month beginning Jan. 1, 2024 will automatically show the fee remittance amount due as $20.50 x number of units sold. This change is necessitated by increased labor and transportation costs and operational expenses.

MRC is a nonprofit organization that operates recycling programs known as Bye Bye Mattress in states that have passed mattress recycling laws. Since 2015, MRC has collected more than 600,000 mattresses statewide in Rhode Island for recycling, diverting over 10,500 tons of valuable material from the waste stream.

Updated customer educational materials about the recycling fee will be sent to all registered retail locations in December. Additional resources can be found online at

Questions? Contact or call our customer service department at 855-229-1691.

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