List of Included and Excluded Products:

Last Updated: September 2020

Included Products (subject to the fee and admissible for recycling through MRC):

Excluded Products (not subject to the fee and not admissible for recycling through MRC unless otherwise noted):

Air mattresses that contain no upholstery material (such as camping beds) X X X
Car beds X X X
Juvenile products including, carriages, baskets, dressing tables, strollers, playpens, infant carriers, lounge pad, crib bumpers X X X
Crib and bassinet mattresses X No fee collected but eligible for recycling X
Mattress pads and toppers X X X
Pillows X X X
Sleeping bags X X X
Units manufactured by the California Prison Industry Authority X
Futons Effective Jan. 1, 2020
Only the futon base or frame is excluded. The mattress portion requires fee collection and is eligible for recycling.
Collapsible roll-away beds X X X
Sleeper sofasX X X
Water beds that contain no upholstery material X X X