Make a Payment: Payment Option Info

We provide 3 convenient options when it comes to making a payment.

Option 1: Participant directed Bank to Bank ACH

Please contact your bank to discuss sending MRC funds. MRC bank account data is available at the bottom of all invoices.

Option 2: MRC Web Portal On Line Payment

If you have already agreed to the Participant Initiated Payment Agreement and provided your bank account details, please click here.

For security purposes the maximum allowable on-line payment is $25,000. Partial invoice payments are not allowed.
If a single invoice is above $25,000 payment will need to be made using Option 1 - Participant directed Bank to Bank ACH or Option 3 - Mail a Check.

Debit block information - MRC's Company ID

Your financial institution may have a debit block (or filter) on your bank account that provides stringent control over electronic transactions posted to your bank account.
To ensure that MRC payments are not blocked by your financial institution, check with your bank before setting up a debit payment. If you have a debit block on your account,
provide your financial institution with MRC's company ID so it can process payments to MRC.

MRC's Company ID is 1464208045

Option 3: Mail a Check

If you wish to mail a payment please note that a copy of the invoices being paid must be included or a remittance advice identifying the invoices being paid included.

Please mail your check to the following address:

Mattress Recycling Council
P O Box 223594
Chantilly VA   20153-3594